AR Application

You can download the AR app from the links above. 

Over the course of several months, conceptualiser Matthew Goh worked across together with developers from VizioFly and RAW Moves dancers across multiple mediums from material fabrication, movement exploration and sound design, culminating in the launch of the XITY AR application now available in all major app stores.


Singapore immersive media production company specializing in Virtual Reality VR 360 degree video, Augmented Reality, Corporate video & Mobile app.

Excerpt of Discussion of XITY AR with VizioFly developers

In the Vertical XITY:

We confront a rotating column of swirling towers, eavesdropping dense pockets of fast-paced activity across residential and commercial settings. From daily maintenance to energetic growth, we can consider the upward spiralling trajectories of the lives of the xity's inhabitants. 

In the Cylindrical XITY: 


We enter a winding network of scattered tunnels, and layers of our urban topography are simultaneously compacted. From the street level to underground echoes, this cross-section of the urban density reveals how our lives are in constant motion, maintaining and pursuing our energetic growth.

In the Spherical XITY:

We apprehend an uneven, globular-shaped melting pot of cultures, each of our individual lives attempting to tune into the frequencies of connection. This is where nothing is static: where the diverse currents and waves of urban dwellers are in constant calibration. 


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