Phase 1: Exploring The Self x The City

April 2020 - June 2020

RQ1: How can the artists identify and question our personal relationship with the architecture of the Singapore city space?

During the Circuit Breaker in Singapore, our pioneering three artists (Matthew, Stephanie and Si Xuan) worked asynchronously to explore each of their personal relationships, using the Singapore city space as a stimulus. 

In this phase, we were exploring our individual psychological and physiological relationships to existing systems and ideologies in the city. On the one hand, we examined tangible examples of urban infrastructure, while on the other hand we also were identifying value systems that we subscribe to in the city. We wanted to question our ways of living in the city that were second nature to us. Based on our own personal experiences and value systems, could we identify opportunities to reconfigure the ways that inhabitants in the city circulate and transact with one another?  


Asynchronous movement explorations and material studies

We conducted individual explorations asynchronously in our own homes: the dancers Matthew and Stephanie recorded videos of movement explorations while Si Xuan shared her scans and videos of material studies.
*(Bonus: See which explorations found resonances in later developments in Phase 3 and 4!)


Matthew Goh


We present excerpts of Matthew's movement exploration series inspired by his childhood district of Bishan, the Kranji Countryside and the Joo Koon region. Several of these explorations would find echoes in later phases of the XITY artistic inquiry.


Stephanie Rae Yoong

Artist (Phase 1 - 4)

We present excerpts of Stephanie's movement exploration series inspired by her encounters in HDB estates, selected places in the Bugis and town areas of personal interest, as well as an experiment with building miniature collarbone bridges.

weekly explorations 26-6_4_ Si Xuan 12.j

Chok Si Xuan

Artist-in collaboration,
Kinetic Sculptor (Phase 1 - 3)

We present a series of notebook scans and video explorations concerning Si Xuan's material studies, as well as her notes on the ongoing inquiry into one's personal relationship with spaces in Singapore and the wider XITY artistic process.



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