Material Studies

Late April to May 2020

In this series of scans from Si Xuan's project notebook, she identifies the various places and spaces in Singapore that she alternately likes and dislikes. She then charts first in written form, some interpretations of these places and the feelings they inspire in her. After that, she proceeds to sketch several attempts at developing prototypes and apparatus that reflect these positive and negative experiences alike. Finally, Si Xuan also shares her notes of the wider concept of the artistic inquiry of XITY, questioning its parameters and scope, as well as early concerns of audience engagement and reception.


Chok Si Xuan

Artist-in-collaboration, Kinetic Sculptor (Phase 1 - 3)

In this page, we share a selection of video and notebook explorations conducted by kinetic sculptor Chok Si Xuan in Phase 1 of our artistic inquiry inspired by personal responses to different spaces in Singapore. 

Here, we present a selection of her material studies, personal reflections and sketches for possible in-studio explorations for Phase 2.

Phase 1: Material Studies - Tissue

In this material studies exploration, Si Xuan tests the limits of the tissue fibres, subjecting it to varying amounts of pulling pressures with her fingers.


Phase 1: Material Studies - Bamboo

In this material studies exploration, Si Xuan tests out the relative malleability and modular connectivity of bamboo beads.



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