Phase 3: XITY Digital -

Augmented Reality (AR) Application

September 2020 - January 2021

RQ3: How can the artists integrate a) research from Phase 1 and 2, b) multiple disciplines in order to develop working prototypes for an Augmented Reality application that physicalise and materialise phenomena of the inhabitants’ relationship with the city?

Introducing the XITY AR application available on mobile devices from January 2021: the culmination of Phase 3 developments. Here, we trace the genesis of the AR application concept, the key inspirations of material and movement emerging from Phases 1 and 2, and how they underwent in-studio development together with developers from VizioFly (an immersive media production company), before arriving at the final product.


This presentation was part of a commissioned digital programme by Got to Move 2020, an initiative by the National Arts Council. 



Recalling the concept of home, the material potentialities of paper from Phase 1 and 2, and the impetus behind developing an AR application for XITY.

AR Application

Welcome to XITY AR: 

Let us go, you and I, to uncrumple this much-crumpled thing: the Vertical XITY, the cylindrical XITY, and the spherical XITY.


In-Studio Development

Collaborating with VizioFly to develop the AR application, developing movement and material prototypes with a focus on hands and bodily manipulation of paper, coupled with an accompanying soundscape.

This digital programme is commissioned as part of Got to Move 2020.


Got to Move (GTM), an initiative by National Arts Council, is a nationwide dance movement that celebrates the diversity of dance in Singapore. Currently in its sixth edition, this year’s GTM will be fully digital, with digital dance offerings for youths, families with young children and everyone regardless of age.


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