The use of light projection as a form of stimulus between inhabitants in a city became a point of discussion, considering how the phenomena of overstimulation and oversaturation present in cities affect the lives of inhabitants at both conscious and subliminal levels. As such, these explorations sought to unravel the ways in which the body may be activated by using a mobile light source, in both solo and duet explorations. 



"Light as Lure and Sensor" (v1.0)

In this exploration, the team conceived of using a mobile floodlight as a sensor and lure for an individual inhabitant to be activated by. Considering how aspects of consumerism and material desire of cities' inhabitants are often stimulated in a digital mediascape through visual elements that attract and compel, the dancers explored various modes of relations between the activator of the light source and the activated inhabitant.



"Explorations with Lycra and Light"

In this exploration, the team further developed the use of using a mobile floodlight as a sensor and lure to be activated by two inhabitants in a duet. In this iteration, Matthew and Stephanie explore how inhabitants in a city may be alternately jostling for control and stimulation of one another, with one inhabitant inside the confines of a lycra membrane.


LIGHT x BODY: "One-Handed Tag Team Folding Swan Origami" (Shadow Projection)

In this exploration, Matthew and Stephanie had been practising the folding of an origami swan, with the imposed constraint of using only one hand per person. They also added the use of light projection to display a silhouette of the task-in-progress.


They then considered how the use of the projection silhouette both obscures yet also reveals the intricacy and care needed to complete this co-operative task.

See also: Phase 4 Prototype 3 - "identifying-x"


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