Cardboard as a material was considered for its properties of being not just a recycled material from paper, but also for its increased rigidity and associations with box-like structures. At the same time, cardboard also allowed for limited malleability, wear and tear that could arise from repeated pressure applied. In a similar vein, mesh was also used, given how its synthetic fibers are woven to create a flexible, net-like fabric. 


"Portal of Data Privacy"

In this exploration, the team conceived of a portal entry point as symbolised by the cardboard box being held up horizontally. The opening on one end would then be laced with a "membrane" of mesh, which the performer encounters mild resistance while attempting to pass through trying to get to the other side.


Thematic considerations and discussions that surrounded this material and movement exploration included how individuals may be lured to enter through digital portals, but not without encountering some form of inconspicuous resistance that invariably causes a rupture and eventually a digital trace.



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