Paper in its different manifestations were experimented upon: coloured paper, newspapers, blank and used papers. 

The artistic team explored multiple ways in which individual inhabitants could come together to fabricate a symbolic object representing unity, thus examining notions and representations of community, constraints and control.


"One-Handed Tag Team Folding Swan Origami" (Original)

In this exploration, Matthew and Stephanie had been practising the folding of an origami swan, with the imposed constraint of using only one hand per person.


They then reflected afterwards about how each person needed to play their own part in the construction process, how their finger muscles needed to control their use of pressure, how it took patience and care in order to create a symbol of community while managing against the fragility of the construction materials.


"Tracing One's Walking"

In this exploration, Matthew explores the phenomenon of walking in a city whilst leaving traces of memories behind, using a permanent marker attached to a stick that traces onto a paper which trails naturally from his gait, such that the city reflected on the paper is a personal one that is also a version of the city itself.

*See also: Phase 4 Prototype 1; "mapping-x"

"Standing 'Floor is Lava' Origami"

In this exploration, Matthew and Stephanie experimented with the folding of an origami swan using a broadsheet newspaper, with the constraint of having to have at least one foot on the newspaper at all times while not touching the floor, in a "the floor is lava" approach.


They then reflected afterwards about how the pressure of their feet pressing down on the fragile newspaper made for very real possibilities (and even caused some instances) of tears in the material. Moreover, the rate of completing the desired origami shape was much less successful, when given the added constraints of having to have one's entire body on the material.

See also: Phase 4 Prototype 1 - "mapping-x"


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